Leadership Symposium

September 16, 2020

9am - Noon


9am - 9:50am     

                           Opening Remarks

                           Forum President Lisa Detwiler

                           Managing Director, General Counsel, FS Investments 


                           Introduction of Debbie Epstein Henry

                           Forum Board Member Kathy Gaddes

                           Executive Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer

                           AmerisourceBergen Corporation - Symposium Sponsor

                           Introduction of Plenary Keynote Jill Schlesinger

                           Forum Vice President Debbie Epstein Henry

                           Founder, DEH Consulting, Speaking, Writing; Executive

                           Consultant, Axiom

                           Plenary Keynote: Jill Schlesinger

9:50am               Break

9:55am - 11am   

                           Remarks from our Symposium Sponsor - AmerisourceBergen

                           - and Introduction of our Plenary Session

                           Kathy Gaddes, Executive Vice President & Chief

                           Compliance Officer, AmerisourceBergen Corporation


                           Plenary Session: Leveraging our Positions to Disrupt Bias

                           and Build More Equitable Pathways to Success

11:00am             Break

11:05am -12pm  

                           Break-out Sessions (Attendees will have the opportunity to

                           participate in either session.)


                           Breakout Session 1

                           2020 Vision: Progress and Barriers to a Fully Participatory


                           Introduction by Alison Perelman, Executive Director,

                           Philadelphia 3.0; Chair, Forum Public Sector Leadership


                           Breakout Session 2

                           Reimagining Culture in Times of Accelerating Change

                           Introduction by Deana Calvelli, Partner, Consultant, Lockton

                           Companies; Forum member

12pm                  Post-Event Sponsor Discussions (Forum Members Only)


Jill Schlesinger

Business Analyst, CBS News

Author of The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money                                                          JILL'S BIO

Plenary Session 
Leveraging Our Positions to Disrupt Bias and Build More Equitable Pathways to Success
Forum members are among the most influential women in the region.  It behooves us to educate ourselves about the unseen barriers women face -- those faced by women as a whole and the added barriers of women in underrepresented groups, including women of color, women with disabilities, women of minority religious faiths, and LGBTQI women. This panel will discuss gender and confirmation bias and explore how we can leverage our positions as leaders to break down these barriers and build more equitable pathways to success for all women. 
Moderator: Sheryl Axelrod, President, The Axelrod Firm, PC; Forum member

Kisha Hortman Hawthorne, Ph.D., FACHE
SVP and Chief Information Officer, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; Forum Member

Eileen Letts
Partner, Zuber Lawler; Past Co-Chair, ABA Commission on Diversity & Inclusion 360; Past ABA Margaret Brent Awardee; Co-author (along with Destiny Peery and Paulette Brown) of Left Out and Left Behind, The Hurdles, Hassles, and Heartaches of Achieving Long-Term Legal Careers for Women of Color” 
Melissa Pang
Past President, Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Pennsylvania (APABA-PA); Member, Chancellor’s Diversity Advisory Panel of the Philadelphia Bar Association; Assistant General Counsel,The School District of Philadelphia
Breakout Session #1 
2020 Vision: Progress and Barriers to a Fully Participatory Democracy
This panel aims to put the unprecedented 2020 election into a broader historical context, considering both the progress we've made, and the barriers that still exist, toward achieving a fully participatory democracy. We will discuss how this election will look and feel different than previous elections, and consider what changes from this year might outlast the 2020 election cycle. Further, we'll discuss how those lasting changes might help or harm the cause of full enfranchisement. Finally, we want to think big, with respect to what our election system might look like if we were to redesign it without the limitations of political realities. What does transformation in our election administration look like, and what will it take to make that happen?
Sara Manzano-Diaz                                           
Former PA Executive Deputy Attorney General for Public Protection and Director of the Women’s Bureau at the Department of Labor; Nonprofit board member; Forum member
Kathy Boockvar
Secretary of the Commonwealth, Pennsylvania Department of State
Sharmain Matlock-Turner
President and CEO, Urban Affairs Coalition; Forum Member 
Sozi Pedro Tulante
Partner, Dechert LLP; Former Philadelphia City Solicitor
Breakout Session #2 
Reimagining Culture in Times of Accelerating Change
Reimagining culture in times of change requires strong leadership with
a vision for the future. As we focus on the profound social and cultural changes facing business today, we will discuss actions that boards and executive leadership are taking to address the issues of social equity, inclusion, engagement and the accountability of leadership for results.
Our discussion will include:

• Actions that leaders are taking to support their employees and communities in a workplace complicated by its virtual or hybrid remote work environment, 
• Ways to create opportunities for under-represented groups that are unique and authentic to the organization,
• How leaders are addressing systemic racism in the workplace, and
• How the results of these actions will impact your business.  
Lorina Marshall-Blake 
President, Independence Blue Cross Foundation; Forum Member


Phoebe Haddon

Chair, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Kate Shields

CEO, Vault Communications; Forum Board Member

Erika Whyte

Assistant Vice President, Enterprise Diversity & Inclusion, Lincoln Financial Group

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