2022 Leadership Symposium

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For more than two decades, Vernā Myers has helped individuals and organizations eradicate barriers based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and other differences, to create fairness, justice, and meaningful opportunity for all.

During this keynote, Vernā will share the new kind of courage that is needed today, to take an active stance against the conscious and unconscious biases and systems of power that maintain racial disparities. She will uncover how to be part of the solution for change and she will share what inclusive leadership is and how to develop true allyship. Vernā will inform us about how to create trusting relationships with groups of people that many of us do not currently have, to be willing to take risks and spend our privilege to elevate others. She will leave us with a challenge to see this time as an opportunity to actively re-imagine a new, more inclusive and equitable world – one where Black people and other marginalized groups are truly integrated and we all benefit from the creative power of difference.